Annual Meeting 2021 - Virtual

NCME Annual Meeting
June 8 - 11, 2021

Bridging Research and Practice

Update: Please see the latest conference update here.

The theme for the 2021 NCME conference is Bridging Research and Practice. Research is the foundation of our field and continues to shape and advance our industry. Practice is where we can reach tens of thousands of people, and where critical decisions, such as certification, admission and placements, are made. We would like to encourage and foster a stronger bond between research and practice. Research needs to help address practical challenges and implications; practice needs to be grounded in research.

To support Bridging Research and Practice, besides the topics our membership historically is interested in, we will also encourage submissions in the following categories:

Submit a Proposal (Closed)

Proposal Guidelines

Review Criteria


Lastly, one of the over-arching goals for the 2021 is to encourage greater communication amongst our participants. These interactions are valuable aspects of the entire conference experience, and frequently the greatest learning can be obtained in the informal conversations amongst old acquaintances or new colleagues. To support this objective, the 2021 conference will contain a greater number of eBoards than in years past and integrating the Research Blitz format created by the NCME 2020 program chairs. Research Blitz sessions will contain multiple papers centered around a theme, with researchers provided a 5-minute opportunity to quickly describe their research. Once participants have completed these summaries, the room will be designed to allow for further discussion amongst participants.

The 2021 conference also encourages presentations delivered through new or innovative formats. If individuals wish to propose innovative formats, please describe how the format could be used and how it will aid in the dissemination of the research to be presented.