NCME Mission Fund Update

NCME has established the NCME Mission Fund to support activities that reinforce NCME’s mission, vision, and goals.  Examples of the types of activities that may be supported by the Fund are:

Workshops or small conferences designed to improve measurement and testing theory and application or expansion of measurement knowledge into other fields such as teacher education;

Funding for the dissemination of measurement knowledge and procedures both domestically and internationally, such as projects for promoting proper test use;

Outreach activities such as grants to encourage international exchange in the science and practice of measurement; and 

Support for the professional development of graduate students and early career scholars.

There are many colleagues who have shaped our professional lives as well as enhanced the measurement field. Consider making a tax-deductible donation in honor or memory of a colleague who has had an impact on you. It’s easy to contribute.

NCME needs your help to reach our fundraising goal of $50,000 by the 2017 Annual Meeting. 

For more information about the NCME Mission Fund, click at right.

Click here to view the presentation sponsored by the Mission Fund at the 2015 CCSSO National Conference on Student Assessment.

NCME Mission Fund Brochure
(Adobe PDF File)