Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice

EM:IP is edited by Dr. Howard Everson and published by Wiley-Blackwell. For more information, view the Statement of Editorial Policy , Manuscript Submission Guidelines , and Supplementary Materials for EM:IP Articles.

EM:IP is a quarterly publication that is aimed at practitioners and users of tests, as well as professional educators, legislators, school personnel, and interested citizens. Its primary purpose is to promote a better understanding of educational measurement and to encourage reasoned debate on current issues of practical importance to educators and the public. EM:IP also provides one means of communication among NCME members and between NCME members and others concerned with educational measurement issues and practices.

EM:IP has a broad target audience that includes:
  • psychometricians and test developers working in the testing industry;
  • psychometricians working in academic settings;
  • staff in schools, districts and state departments of education;
  • researchers and analysts at universities and think-tanks;
  • legislators and their staff, and; interested citizens.

To this end, EM:IP publishes timely articles having the potential to advance the policies and practices of educational measurement.

EM:IP Issues

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