NCME Book Series

NCME has established the NCME APPLICATIONS OF EDUCATIONAL MEASUREMENT AND ASSESSMENT BOOK SERIES, which is intended to increase understanding and inform research-based applied educational measurement and assessment.  Intended audiences include NCME members, graduate students in measurement and assessment, and professionals in related fields engaged in measurement and assessment (e.g., psychology, educational leadership, educational and learning policy, curriculum and instruction, learning sciences, and certification and licensure).​

For more detailed information about the book series, see link at the right..

The NCME Book Series Editorial Board is soliciting ideas for additional edited volumes from the NCME membership.

Published volumes

  • Technology and Testing: Improving Educational and Psychological Measurement (Fritz Drasgow, Editor)
  • Meeting the Challenges to Measurement in an Era of Accountability (Henry Braun, Editor)
  • Volumes in development (the titles are provisional)

    • Fairness in Educational Assessment and Measurement (Neil Dorans and Linda Cook, Editors)
  • Testing in the Professions: Credentialing Policies and Practice (Susan Davis-Becker and Chad Buckendahl, Editors)
  • Validation of Score Meaning in the Next Generation of Assessments (Kadriye Ercikan and James W. Pellegrino, Editors)

Series Editorial Board

  • Brian E. Clauser, National Board of Medical Examiners, Editorial Board Chair
  • Robert L. Brennan, The University of Iowa
  • Wayne Camara, The College Board
  • Michael J. Kolen, The University of Iowa
  • Suzanne Lane, University of Pittsburgh
  • Rebecca Zwick, Educational Testing Service

Please address questions and book ideas to NCME Book Series Editor Brian E. Clauser.