Mission Fund Committee Update (June 2019)

By Megan Welsh posted 06-28-2019 23:18


The Mission Fund Committee is thrilled to share that we have two new members, Priya Kannan (ETS) and Anne Traynor (Purdue) who bring their expertise and enthusiasm in support of advancing Mission Fund goals to support graduate students and early career professionals, and to address public perceptions about measurement and testing. The Committee has been very active recently, working to launch three inaugural projects for 2019/2020, and planning for an exciting fundraising campaign. The 2019 projects incorporate truly novel approaches to advance Mission Fund goals, and include:

  • 5-minute Measurement, a YouTube Video, which will produce a series of 5 short videos that promote and advance public understanding of select measurement topics

Principal Investigator: Ren Liu, University of California, Merced

  • New Tools for Increasing Recruitment into the Educational Measurement Field, which will provide standardized tools for use in student recruitment into graduate programs in measurement

Principal investigator: Brian Leventhal, James Madison University

  • Using an Art-Based Intervention to Re-imagine a Testing Experience for Marginalized Groups, which will use a theatre experience to encourage dialogue about democratic approaches to influencing assessment policy and about how to create better testing experiences for all examinees, with a special focus on traditionally marginalized groups

Principal Investigator: Darius Taylor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Additionally, to support NCME members in communicating their research to non-measurement audiences, two travel grants were awarded to Zhehan Jiang and Wenchao Ma at the University of Alabama, and Maria Vasquez at Florida Atlantic University, to present their work at conferences that do not traditionally focus on measurement topics.


Look for more details in the coming weeks on how you can support projects such as these and others yet to be imagined! Thank you in advance for your donation! NCME makes significant contributions to educational measurement. With your support, we can continue to do so.



The NCME Mission Fund Committee


Michelle Boyer, Chair

Chad Buckendahl, Past Chair

Ellen Forte

Priya Kannan

Canda Mueller

Francis O’Donnell

Anne Traynor

John Willse