Articles Summer 2020

By Megan Welsh posted 08-01-2020 15:25





Teaching Resource: Anatomy of Measurement
 Ren Liu, University of California, Merced

 Ren Liu reports on a series of four animated You Tube videos that he has created on 
 the foundations of educational measurement. The videos can be accessed on the
 ITEMS portal and also in his summary of his efforts, which can be found here. 

Do You Like a Challenge?
 Diane Gaa, WELEARN

 Diane Gaa describes the field of corporate learning and outlines potential 
 contributions that educational measurement experts might make to that field. As with
 other educational initiatives, measuring impact is essential. She concludes by calling
 for a SIGIMIE that focuses on issues of concern to corporate learning. Read more

 Two-year Trend Analysis on NCME Journal Decision Time
 Mingjia Ma, University of Iowa 

 In this article, Mingjia Ma describes the decision times for EM:IP and JEM. Time to   accept, revise and resubmit, reject, reject innappropriate, reject and resubmit, and   reject without resubmit are presented by month over a two-year period.