Bridging Research and Practice Articles

By Megan Welsh posted 08-01-2020 15:21


Bridging Research and Practice
Leaders in the field discuss research issues that are important to operational testing experts like our President, Ye Tong.




 A Call for Additional Research to Support Online Assessments
 Jennifer Beimers, Pearson

 Jennifer Biemers summarizes the rapid integration of technology into   assessment and calls for research that would helps us make the most of 
 the affordances provided by technology. Her article can be found here.

 Building Bridges: Improving Test Optional Practice with Research
 Jinghua Liu, Enrollment Management Association

 In this article, Jinghua Liu provides some recommendations that   universities might use in making admissions decisions in test-optional   admissions settings.

 Tipping Points Requiring Us to Bridge Research and Practice
 Marianne Perie, Measurement in Practice LLC.

 Marianne Perie discusses some historical tipping points in education and   how measurement contributed to those eras. She argues that we are now   at a new tipping point and discusses how measurement can address today's issues. Read more here.

 Research for Practical Impact
 Daniel Koretz, Harvard University
 In this piece, Daniel Koretz argues that it is not enough for measurement 
 research to bridge to practice; it must also have practical
 impact. What matters in the end is not whether our work is innovative or
 elegant per se, but whether it provides a meaningful improvement—that
 is, better information or other positive effects, either within the
 educational system or elsewhere in society. Technical innovation should
 be especially valued when it is in service of these goals. We need to
 redirect research to better focus on important measurement issues that
 have major practical implications.