An update from the Contemporary Issues in Scaling, Linking, and Equating (SLE) SIGIMIE (Fall 2020)

By Megan Welsh posted 10-10-2020 00:14

 Jaime Malatesta, University of Iowa, and Stella Kim, UNC Charlotte

The SLE SIGIMIE focuses on evolving measurement issues related scaling, linking and equating. We encourage scholarly development by connecting professionals from diverse backgrounds to discuss and take action on measurement issues associated with scaling, linking, and equating.

This past August, the SLE SIGIMIE hosted their first official event with a webinar featuring Dr. Michael Kolen’s talk on the history of test equating methods and practices through 1985. This was the first of several planned online webinars to be hosted by the SLE SIGIMIE. Also underway are the following initiatives:

Virtual SLE Research Symposium (January 11th - 17th, 2021)
  • All research submissions are conditionally accepted with the requirement that the primary focus is within the SLE framework. Professional and student SLE SIGIMIE members are encouraged to submit works-in-progress or completed research. The main goal of this online research symposium is to engage members, get constructive feedback, and facilitate networking. Submissions should be sent to sigimie@gmail.comno later than November 6th, 2020. For more detail, visit our website at


  • We invite you to join our new NCME SLE SIGIMIE website ( On this website, SIGIMIE members will find detailed information on our various SLE activities, upcoming events, and recent publications related to SLE methodology.

SLE SIGIMIE reception at the Annual NCME Conference [Tentative] 

  • The primary purpose of this reception is to recognize SIGIMIE award winners and to facilitate a meet-and-greet among SIGIMIE members. Reception is scheduled for 1 hour and co-chairs with light refreshments provided.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the SLE SIGIMIE chairs at We hope you’ll join our SIGIMIE community!


Warm Regards,

Stella Kim & Jaime Malatesta