Annual Conference Rules

Annual Meeting

General Conference Rules

The following rules have been established to encourage a wide range of participation by NCME members and minimize schedule conflicts that arise when sessions are arranged in the final program schedule.

  • Both members and nonmembers may submit proposals.
  • Submission of the proposal represents an agreement that presenting authors will register for and attend the Annual Conference if their proposal is accepted. All presenting authors must register for the conference no later than February 1.
  • The first author of every paper should be the primary presenter for that paper. This aligns with the expectations of conference attendees reading the program. This should hold both for individual presentations and coordinated sessions with multiple papers.
  • Participants may have a maximum of three presenting roles. Roles that count toward this limit include presentation authors of individual papers, presenting authors of papers in coordinated sessions, speaking members of panels, and speaking members of debates. Discussants, moderators of debates, chairs of sessions who little more than introduce presenters and keep time, and invited speakers, do not count toward this limit. Presenters of demonstrations do not count toward this limit, but are limited to just one demonstration presentation. Participants who submit proposals in excess of these rules will be subject to having one or more of their proposals disqualified from consideration.

Furthermore, the following rules have been established to ensure a high quality of presentations that are maximally beneficial for audiences in different sessions:

  • Should you be unable to attend the Annual Conference due to unforeseen circumstances, it is your responsibility to inform NCME as early as possible. You must either arrange for someone else to assume your role in a session or withdraw your presentation.
  • The same presentation may not have been made previously at an NCME Annual Conference or any other academic conference.