2018 Award Winners

 2018 NCME Award for Career Contributions to Educational Measurement - Dr. Brian E. Clauser

  2018 Alicia Cascallar Award Award for an Outstanding Paper by an Early Career Scholar -  Dr. Stefanie Wind 

  2018 Bradley Hanson Award for Contributions to Educational Measurement - Dr. Sandip Sinharay

  2018 Jason Millman Promising Measurement Scholar Award - Dr. Richard Feinberg

  2018 Brenda Loyd Outstanding Dissertation Award - Dr. Yunxiao Chen

  2018 NCME Annual Award - Photographed left to right Dr. Andrew Ho, Dr. Benjamin

Shear, Dr. Sean Reardon, Dr. Erin Fahle, Dr. Katherine Castellano 
Not pictured: Dr. Ken Shores, Dr. Demetra Kalogrides