Bradley Hanson Award for Contributions to Educational Measurement

The Bradley Hanson Award has been established to honor Bradley Hanson's contributions to the field of educational measurement and to further advance the goals embodied in his work. Applicants must describe a recently completed research project or propose a new research project that promises to make a substantive contribution to the field of educational measurement or the development, instruction or mentoring of new professionals in the field. A typical time frame for the expected completion of a proposed project is one to two years. Please see the list of previous recipients and their projects for more information. The recipient will be awarded $1,250 and a commemorative plaque from NCME, which will be presented to the recipient at the NCME Annual Meeting.

For additional information on Bradley Hanson and his body of work, please go to the Bradley Hanson Website that is maintained in his memory. You may also e-mail or phone the committee chair with any questions or comments you may have!

Call for Nominations

To be eligible for the award a candidate must (1) be a member of NCME, and (2) have completed, be working on, or be proposing a project that makes a significant contribution to the field of educational measurement or a significant contribution to the development of new professionals in the field. Individuals or groups of individuals at any stage in their careers are eligible.

Nomination (application) packages for the award must include: (a) the letter of nomination, (b) a completed application form, (c) at least one letter of recommendation from person(s) other than the nominator, which address the qualifications of the candidate and the importance of the project, (d) a project description of 1500 words or less, which must provide details on the specific research project to be supported by the award and information on how the $1,250 will be spent, and (e) a current curriculum vitae.

View Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Past Recipients

2005 Seonghoon Kim; Gary Skaggs
2006 Won-Chan Lee
2007 Jianbin Fu
2008 no recipient
2009 Ying Cheng
2010 J. Patrick Meyer
2011 Werner Wothke
2012 Matthias von Davier
2013 Lihua Yao
2014 Hong Jiao
2015 Chaitanya Ramineni, Brent Bridgeman & Paul Deane
2016 Sun-Joo Cho
2017 Wenchao Ma & Jimmy de a Torre
2018 Dr. Sandip Sinharay 

Committee Members

This committee is responsible for all steps associated with the selection and recognition of the recipient of the Bradley Hanson Award for Contributions to Educational Measurement.

Scott Hanson, Permanent Member
Priya Kannan, Chair
Steve Ferrara, Chair-Elect
Anne Corinne Huggins-Manley
Joyce Medina, Liaison
Deanna Morgan
Joseph Rios
Fei Fei Ye
Francis Rick, Student Member


Donations to the Bradley A. Hanson Memorial Fund may be made payable to the Arizona Community Foundation.

Arizona Community Foundation
Bradley A. Hanson Memorial Fund
2122 E. Highland Avenue, Suite 400
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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