Jason Millman Promising Measurement Scholar Award 

In 1995, the Department of Education at Cornell University initiated the Jason Millman Promising Scholar Program to honor the lifetime work of Dr. Jason Millman, to recognize his contributions to the field of applied measurement, and to continue Dr. Millman’s support of scholars in their formative years who are just beginning their research careers.

Since 2003, the National Council on Measurement in Education with the support of the Millman endowment has continued the tradition of this award. As in the past, it is designed to honor Dr. Millman’s work by recognizing a scholar at the early stages of his/her career whose research has the potential to make a major contribution to the applied measurement field. In addition to recognition by NCME, the successful candidate will receive $1,000. Only one candidate will be chosen to receive the award each year and will be presented the award at the annual meeting.

Call for Nominations

To be eligible for the Jason Millman Award an applicant must have received his/her first doctoral degree in the six years before the meeting and be a current member of NCME.


Past Recipients

2003 Daniel Bolt
2004 Chris Chiu
2005 Randall Penfield
2006 Sandip Sinharay
2007 Joanna Sandra Gorin
2008 Cara Cahalan Laitusis
2009 Jimmy de la Torre
2010 Andrew Dean Ho
2011 Lydia Liu
2012 Ying Cheng
2013 Kyung (Chris) Han
2014 Chun Wang
2015 Laine Bradshaw
2016 Katherine Castellano
2017 Dr. Minjeong Jeon
2018 Dr. Richard Feinberg 

Committee Members

Yong He, Chair
Chris Han, Chair-Elect 
Richard Feinberg 
Matthew Burke 
Catherine Welch 
Dorota Staniewska
Thai Ong, Student Member