NCME Awards

Congratulations to the NCME 2018 Award Winners!  

Winners were announced at the 2018 Annual Meeting in New York.  Download the brochure on the right for a complete listing of NCME Awards and 2018 Recipients.


NCME recognizes achievement in a variety of areas including technical and scientific contributions to the field, outstanding dissertation work, early career scholarship and career contributions. Award committees are responsible for soliciting nominations from the membership and selecting a recipient. Committee chairs announce the winners at the annual business meeting and breakfast.

Alicia Cascallar Award  - The Alicia Cascallar Award for an Outstanding Paper by an Early Career Scholar has been established to honor Alicia’s professional commitment and accomplishments and to continue her practice of mentoring and encouraging promising new scholars in the area of educational measurement. The award will be given to an early career scholar for an outstanding paper presented at the Annual Meeting. A cash award of $1,000, a citation, and a waiver of NCME conference fees for the following year will be provided as partial support for an early career member of NCME to travel to the annual meeting. The award will be presented at the NCME Annual Meeting.

Annual Award  - The NCME Annual Award is established to recognize exceptional achievement in multiple categories. To be eligible for this award, the contribution must have occurred initially during the previous three years. (1) The award may be given to recognize an outstanding technical or scientific contribution to the public or the field of educational measurement, which could include a book or publication which is an application of technology, or innovative ways of solving practical and theoretical measurement problems, inventive instrument development techniques, creative testing procedures or products, or scientific contributions of measurement to research methodology. (2) The award may also be given to recognize exceptional service, such as a practitioner might provide to a state, district, consortia, or client, excellence in teaching, or outstanding mentorship. Exceptional service might include novel, technically sound methods of addressing real-world issues, facilitating data usage in making decisions, such as designing exceptionally informative score reports, and so on. Awards are determined by the Annual Awards Committee. The recipient of the Annual Award receives a plaque and a $1,000 cash payment. The award will be presented at NCME’s Annual Meeting.

Bradley Hanson Award for Contributions to Educational Measurement  - The Bradley Hanson Award has been established to honor Bradley Hanson's contributions to the field of educational measurement and to further advance the goals embodied in his work. Applicants must describe a recently completed research project or propose a new research project that promises to make a substantive contribution to the field of educational measurement or the development, instruction or mentoring of new professionals in the field. A typical time frame for the expected completion of a proposed project is one to two years. Please see the list of previous recipients and their projects for more information. The recipient will be awarded $1,250 and a commemorative plaque from NCME, which will be presented to the recipient at the NCME Annual Meeting.

Brenda H. Loyd Outstanding Dissertation Award  - The Brenda H. Loyd Award honors an outstanding dissertation in the field of educational measurement. The winner of the award will receive $1,000 and a commemorative plaque from NCME. In addition, the advisor or committee chair for the award-winning dissertation will receive a letter of congratulations.

NCME Career Contributions Award  - The NCME Award for Career Contributions to Educational Measurement is an annual award and honors a person whose contributions over a career have had a widespread positive impact on the field of educational measurement. These influential contributions might include one or more of the following: theoretical or technical developments; ideas or conceptualizations of information to the public about educational measurement that has widely influence public understanding; and/or applications of theory through procedures, instrument, or program development that have influenced broadly the nature of measurement and practice. The recipient of the award will receive a monetary award of $3,000. Additionally, there will be a plenary award ceremony with an invited presentation by the award recipient at the Annual Meeting.

Jason Millman Promising Measurement Scholar Award  - In 1995, the Department of Education at Cornell University initiated the Jason Millman Promising Scholar Program to honor the lifetime work of Dr. Jason Millman, to recognize his contributions to the field of applied measurement, and to continue Dr. Millman’s support of scholars in their formative years who are just beginning their research careers. Since 2003, the National Council on Measurement in Education with the support of the Millman endowment has continued the tradition of this award. As in the past, it is designed to honor Dr. Millman’s work by recognizing a scholar at the early stages of his/her career whose research has the potential to make a major contribution to the applied measurement field. In addition to recognition by NCME, the successful candidate will receive $1,000. Only one candidate will be chosen to receive the award each year and will be presented the award at the annual meeting.

2018 Award Brochure
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