EMIP Cover Showcase

In 2014, Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice (EM:IP) held its inaugural Cover Graphic/Data Visualization Competition. The editorial board selected four winning submissions that are each being featured on a cover of a 2014 or 2015 EM:IP issue. These winning submissions are showcased on this page. For longer descriptions and editorials of these cover graphics by EM:IP Visuals Editor Ally Shay Thomas, Ph.D., check out the EM:IP website.

Upcoming 2015

Title: A Footnote to Anscombe's Quartet Designer: Nedim Yel, Ph.D. Student, Arizona State University
Caption: This graphic illustrates that inclusion of the beeswarm in the box plots allows for more refined visualization and better judgment about the distribution of the data.

Fall 2014

Title: The Steelyard Graph
Designers: José-Luis Gaviria & Coral González-Barbera, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Caption: The Steelyard Graph makes use of steelyard balances to avoid the interpretation problems that arise when Simpson’s paradox occurs.

Spring 2015

Title: The Next Wave in Scaling Assessments
Designer: William P. Skorupski, Associate Professor, University of Kansas
Caption: This figure is a graphic depiction of an item characteristic function for the Multidimensional Generalized Partial Credit Model.

Summer 2014

Title: Score and Scale Screen
Designer: Michael Chajewski, Psychometric Researcher, The College Board
Caption: The Score and Scale Screen allows for a quick investigation of both the raw score distribution as well as the relationship to the equated scaled scores.