NCME Statement on Testing and Data Integrity

Testing and data integrity on statewide assessments is defined as the establishment of a comprehensive set of policies and procedures for: a) the proper preparation of students, b) the management and administration of the test(s) that will lead to accurate and appropriate reporting of assessment results, and c) maintaining the security of assessment materials for future use. The policies must ensure that all students have had equal opportunities to show their knowledge, skills, and abilities and have been actively involved in demonstrating those opportunities through their engagement with the test. Educators, students, parents, school boards, legislators, researchers, and the public must have confidence that psychometrically-sound testing, scoring, and reporting will be handled ethically and in accordance with the best administrative practices to ensure that results accurately reflect each student’s own true educational knowledge, skills, and abilities. For purposes of this document, we focus on the aspects of test data integrity that relate to maintaining test security and safeguarding against artificially inflated scores.