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The Psychometric Software Database is a list of software, macros, scripts, and source code designed specifically for psychometrics. Many of the programs were created by NCME members and others in the field of measurement. Some of the software is free while other programs are commercial products. You will find the type of license and licensing fee listed for each program. Licenses are listed as freeware, open source, and commercial. A freeware license indicates the software is available for no cost but the source code is proprietary and not available to the public. An open source license indicates the source code is in the public domain and available upon request. An open source license does not mean the software is free. The author may or may not charge a licensing fee. Finally, a commercial license indicates the source code is proprietary and there is a license fee for using the software.

Information in this database originates with a Bradley Hanson Award for Contributions to Educational Measurement given to Gary Skaggs at Virginia Tech. His database is still active and it contains more detailed information about each program than this database. Please see Gary's database if you need more details about each program.

If the NCME database contains one of your programs, please check the information for accuracy. Send any changes to John Hofmann at the central office. Also send John information about adding your software to the database if it is not currently listed.

NCME makes no claims or warranties for the quality or accuracy of the software programs listed in this database. The organization is merely providing the database as a service to members and the general public.
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