Current Students 

One of NCME’s explicit goals is to “promote awareness of measurement in education as a field of study and work, to encourage entry into the field and interdisciplinary collaboration.” To that end, the NCME website provides several resources that will be helpful to both beginning and advanced graduate students. Check the Resource Center to find useful information whether you have just begun graduate study or are ready to begin searching for your first professional position. The NCME Newsletter is also a good place for graduate students to find out information about things like attending the annual meeting .

Student Opportunities in Educational Measurement

NCME provides information for students at all phases of their learning. An individual exploring academic programs in educational measurement should review the list of graduate training programs in Measurement in the U.S. and Canada available on this page. It provides a summary of the training and education offered by a variety of graduate programs. A student already engaged in an academic program may want to apply for one of the many internships described in this list of internship opportunities. These internships allow students to go beyond the classroom and conduct practical research with a mentor from a testing company or research agency. Finally, a student nearing graduation may stay abreast on the latest job opportunities by searching the career center.