President's Message

Ye Tong

May 2021

President’s Letter

Ye Tong, Ph.D., NCME President

This is my fourth and last newsletter as the NCME’s President. My term is coming to an end, and I will be handing off the torch to the very able hands of Derek Briggs. As the first and hopefully the last NCME President whose entire term has been virtual, I have found this experience to be more than rewarding (and a bit challenging). I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our dedicated and talented board and our committee chairs to serve our membership.

I want to express my gratitude to our program chairs, Susan Davis-Becker and Leslie Keng, and our training chair, Dr. Sarah Quesen. They did so much work to put together a wonderful conference program and to set up the virtual conference platform so that our members can have a smooth virtual conference experience. This has meant a lot of waking up at 5:00 a.m. to respond to numerous emails and a lot of late-night burning of oil to coordinate sessions. I am very fortunate to get to work these three talented and dedicated individuals for the 2021 NCME Annual Meeting. 

Social Justice

Social justice has reached more urgent and heightened importance this past year, with overdue attention and national discussions. In response, I released two Presidential Statements related to social justice: Our Commitment to Equality and Justice and Our Condemnation of Anti-Asian Violence. I have appreciated the overwhelming support and commitment from our members on this very important issue. I also believe that as measurement professionals, we need to continue to support unbiased, equitable, and fair assessments. We have created processes in the past that guard against bias and systematic racism, but there is still much more work that needs to be done. We owe it to society to put our talents together to create culturally responsive, equitable, and fair assessments for all populations.

COVID’s Impact on Assessments Webinar Series

As part of my presidential initiatives, Susan Davis-Becker, Ellen Forte, Marianne Perie, and I organized a webinar series on COVID’s impact on assessments. The series included ten webinars in which practitioners and researchers discussed assessment challenges associated with the pandemic and identified the best approaches to address the challenges. Recordings of the webinars can be accessed on the NCME YouTube Channel. We averaged about 300 participants for each webinar and received encouraging feedback. One of the silver linings from the pandemic has been the fact that in the past year NCME has been able to generate a lot more digital content, which is more widely available to our membership. I will continue to work on this initiative when I become the immediate Past President, putting a process in place for our members to come together and collaborate during the year, in addition to our Annual Meeting.

NCME 2021 Conference

The theme of the NCME 2021 Conference is Bridging Research and Practice. My own day job is firmly in the design and implementation of real-world assessments, both in the K‒12 space and in the licensure/certification space. Because I am a practitioner, my bias lies with the research that can inform the practice of measurement, since practice is where our field can influence and affect people from all walks of life—hence my plea to our field to tighten the link between research and practice. For the 2021 conference, you will see this conference theme throughout the various sessions and presentations.

NCME was able to provide complimentary conference registration to graduate students and early scholars in need due to hardship from the pandemic. We are also soliciting graduate students to help us manage each of the seven “conference channels” (we have seven concurrent sessions each day) and will be providing compensation for their time. If you are a graduate student and are interested in helping, please email Talley, our management firm.  

Conducting a virtual conference has its own challenges, but the program chairs, training chair, our management firm, and I are doing our best to organize a conference that will offer a smooth, rich, interactive, and rewarding experience. I encourage you to experience this unique conference with us. Check out our promotion video about the conference, join one of the “office hours” that the program chairs will be offering in May, and spend rich measurement days with us during our Annual Meeting.

A Few NCME Highlights

2014 Standards Became Open Source: On March 1, 2021, NCME, along with AERA and APA, jointly issued a press release announcing that the current edition of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing is now freely available as an online download. This was an important and symbolic step in our commitment to continued and wider adoption of the best measurement practices. 

Standards Management Committee: NCME is currently seeking the next representative for the Standards Management Committee. This committee consists of three members, one member from each of the three organizations (NCME, AERA, and APA) and oversees the development and dissemination of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The review committee includes the following members: Linda Cook, Ye Tong, Suzanne Lane, Laurie Wise, and Jennifer Randall. We will keep our members updated on our search process.

The New CEJEME Journal: NCME announced the online publication of the Chinese/English Journal of Educational Measurement and Evaluation (CEJEME), edited by Li Cai and Tao Xin. The journal’s mission is to facilitate the exchange of advances in scholarship and practice between China and the assessment and evaluation communities in the U.S. and beyond. The CEJEME journal is the first open-source journal for NCME and can be accessed online.

2021 Classroom Assessment Conference: The University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, William & Mary, and George Mason University will be hosting the 2021 Classroom Assessment Conference virtually on October 21 and 22. Mark your calendar and attend the event with your fellow NCME colleagues.

NAGB Nomination: NCME has nominated three NCME members to be considered for the specific seat dedicated to Testing and Measurement Experts on the National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB).



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