President's Message

Ye Tong

2021 NCME Annual Conference Update

My Dear NCME Colleagues,

I hope this email finds you safe and healthy and looking forward to a great 2021. I am writing to provide an update about our annual conference. Previously, I had communicated with you about postponing our conference until June 8–11 and moving the conference location to Baltimore. Given the continued surge in COVID numbers and after careful consideration, the NCME Board has decided that we will move our 2021 NCME annual conference to a virtual event, still held on June 8–11.

Such a decision was not made lightly. When we negotiated with the conference hotel in Baltimore, we put in contract language to avoid a cancellation penalty if a decision to cancel were made before the end of January. I had held on to the hope that with the vaccine’s success, we would have been able to hold our annual conference in person. Unfortunately, with the continued surge in COVID numbers, an in-person conference in June no longer seems a viable option. I know this is disappointing news.

The silver lining with a virtual conference, however, is the potential of reaching a much larger audience. We saw much success in this area with our summer through September 2020 virtual events. We have also been happy to see a large number of people registering for the NCME webinar series that kicks off this week. (For more details or to register for the webinar series on COVID’s Impact on Assessments, here is the link).

Program chairs Susan Davis-Becker and Leslie Keng, training chair Sarah Quesen, our management firm Talley Management Group, and I are all working together to make the 2021 annual conference as accessible, interactive, and fun as possible for our members. As the time gets closer, we will be providing more information regarding how to best access the platform and the tools and how to best engage and connect as well as provide recommended guidelines for presenters. If you have any suggestions on how to make the virtual conference more successful, please reach out to the program chairs

Conference registration will be open in February. Please be on the lookout for the announcement. Be safe, be healthy, and please continue with your support for NCME.

Ye Tong, Ph.D.

NCME President



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