Making Educational Measurement Accessible for Everyone

The ITEMS portal is your entry point into a world of learning around core educational measurement concepts! Its centerpiece are ITEMS modules, which are relatively short self-contained lessons with various supporting resources that support self-guided learning as well as professional instruction. In addition, you can interact with other learners through the discussion function in each module to connect yourself to different micro-communities tailored to your learning needs.

ITEMS modules in the past were PDF documents that could be accessed via the NCME website. Starting in 2018, ITEMS modules are integrated digital packages of content curated with the help of professional course development software and delivered within a comprehensive learning management system.

Content is delivered within a multi-platform digital shell that allows for free navigation through a menu, voice-over slides and videos throughout, and easy access to supplementary materials such as glossaries, data sets, sample code or applets, vetted online resources, and short learning exercises. Best of all, ITEMS modules are compatible across platforms and work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones!

ITEMS modules are typically about 1 to 2 hours long if all components are reviewed and interactive exercises are completed but the actual time depends on the pace of the learner. As a result, ITEMS modules can be used as supplemental learning materials in a variety of contexts. Selected target audiences include college faculty and students, workshop leaders and participants, and assessment specialists working in various professional settings.

We hope that they find use in novel contexts as well and would love to hear from you about your ideas, suggestions, and experiences with ITEMS modules!


ITEMS Modules

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