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Graduate Student Internships

Internships are a valuable way to link your academic experience with the professional arena. Below is a list of internships that will allow students to go beyond the classroom and conduct practical research with a mentor from a testing company or research agency.



Alpine Testing Solutions Inc.

Position: Internship

Description: The successful candidate will work virtually with a mentor on the psychometric team for the duration of 8 weeks. The work will primarily occur in July and August; however, the exact dates can be determined in collaboration with the successful candidate. The position requires 40 hours a week, during business hours, for the internship duration. Total compensation for this opportunity is $6,400.

Date(s): Apply by June 30, 2021


American Board of Internal Medicine Internship

Summer 2021 Psychometric Internship Announcement 

The ABIM is pleased to announce the return of its summer internship in psychometrics. 

Internship Opportunity 

The ABIM’s psychometric internship program is an eight-week summer internship running from Monday, June 14th to Friday, August 6th in Philadelphia, PA*. During the program, the intern will take primary ownership of an applied psychometric research project under the guidance of one of the ABIM’s measurement scientists. The intern will also have opportunities to assist psychometric staff on other research projects and to learn about operational processes (e.g., item analysis, IRT calibration, equating) within the context of medical certification. 

* If necessary for health and safety reasons, the ABIM summer internship will be conducted remotely. ABIM will communicate with candidates about such decisions in the spring. 

† If the internship is conducted remotely, interns will not receive the housing allowance. 


  • Doctoral student in an educational measurement (or related field) program with at least two years of coursework completed by the start of the internship 
  • Preference will be given to applicants who have experience with item response theory
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interest in certification testing
  • Eligible to be legally employed in the United States 


The ABIM provides a total of $10,000 for the eight-week internship program. This total includes an $8,000 stipend as well as a $2,000 housing allowance. 

Research Projects 

For their primary research project, the intern should expect to perform all stages of the research process, from literature review to discussion and dissemination of results. At the conclusion of the program, the intern will be expected to share their results by giving a brief presentation to an audience of psychometric staff. Further, the intern will be encouraged to submit their summer project(s) for presentation at a professional conference and/or for publication. The intern will work with their mentor to select an appropriate project for their experience level and interests. Examples of previously completed internship projects can be found on the next page. 


Please submit your curriculum vitae and a letter of interest to Michele Johnson, Research Program Manager ( by Monday, February 1st 2021. 

Examples of Previously Completed Internship Projects 

Please note these are examples of previous ABIM Interns’ projects. The summer 2021 internship project will be determined jointly by the 2021 mentor and summer intern. 

  • Anchor Item Replacement in the Presence of Consequential Item Parameter Drift. The purpose of this project was to develop evidence-based recommendations for replacing anchor items when a significant number are flagged for exhibiting item parameter drift. The intern conducted a simulation study that investigated different item replacement strategies, and examined the effects of each strategy with respect to outcomes such as pass/fail classification accuracy and RSMD of thetas. 

Chang, K., & Rewley, K. Currently under review. 

  • Evaluating Use of an Online Open-Book Resource in a High Stakes Credentialing Exam. This project examined item and examinee characteristics associated with the use of an open-book resource throughout a high-stakes medical certification exam. Using exam process data and a generalized estimation equations modeling framework, the intern examined use of the open-book resource and how it might affect examinees’ test-taking experience and performance. 

Myers, A. & Bashkov B. Paper presented at NCME 2020. 

  • Investigating the Impact of Parameter Instability on IRT Proficiency Estimation. This project examined how poorly estimated item parameters impact different proficiency estimators. The intern conducted a simulation study to examine how different levels of parameter instability impact Bayesian vs. non-Bayesian estimators as well as pattern vs. summed-score estimators. 

McGrath, K. & Smiley, W. Paper presented at NCME 2019. 

  • Using Data Visualization to Explore Test Speededness in Certification Exams. This project examined different ways to determine if a test is speeded. The intern conducted a thorough literature review of methods used to detect and quantify test speededness. She then used data visualization, a nonparametric tool that does not have any data assumptions, to examine operational test data for speededness. This was shown to be a viable approach to assessing the impact of examination timing. 

Sullivan, M. & Bashkov, B. Paper presented at TIME 2017. 

  • Automatic Flagging of Items for Key Validation. This project developed an automatic method for determining if there is a problem with an item’s key. The intern collected data from psychometricians regarding which items required key validation and used logistic regression to mimic that professional judgement to automatically flag problematic items. 

Sahin, F. & Clauser, J. Paper presented at NCME 2016 

Curriculum Associates 

Position: Psychometric and Research Summer 2021 Internship

Description: The Curriculum Associates Psychometric and Research Summer Interns will work on both operational psychometric and research projects and will also have the opportunity to get exposure to many aspects of the assessment design and development process including observing a standard setting and a Technical Advisory Committee meeting. Specifically, interns will:
- Analyze the large datasets at Curriculum Associates, which include some of the most extensive assessment and instructional data in the nation.
- Collaborate with other members of the assessment development, psychometrics, and research teams.
- Learn about how an operational computerized adaptive assessment is managed.

Date(s): Applications considered on a rolling basis, final deadline of March 1, 2021


For more information: Referral&__jvsd=seH0Lhws&__jvsc=email&bid=nkjuFSw9


Position: RLE Psychometrics Internship

Description: For the summer 2021 internship, the psychometrics intern will collaborate with Edmentum Research Scientists and Learning Engineers to conduct operational psychometric analyses to examine the reliability and validity of Edmentum’s Exact Path computer adaptive diagnostic assessment for students in K-12. The intern will gain experience in applied psychometric analyses, computer adaptive testing, educational technology, processes and tools used in the psychometric and educational technology industries, and working with large data files (>10 million records).

Date(s): Summer 2021, 8 to 12 weeks (depending on intern’s availability)


For more information:

Educational Testing Service I (ETS)

Position: 2021 Summer Research and Measurement Sciences (RMS) Internship Program for Graduate Students

Description: If you are a creative and innovative individual who wants to help shape the future of learning and assessment, we encourage you to apply for the 2021 Summer Research and Measurement Sciences (RMS) Internship program. Steeped in decades of broad expertise, RMS conducts rigorous foundational and applied research on the most critical issues facing education and the workforce. Central to ETS’s legacy of global leadership in learning and assessment, RMS is dedicated to advancing the science and practice of measurement, driving innovation in digital assessment, learning and teaching.

Date(s): Application deadline – February 1, 2021; June 1 – August 6, 2021


For more information:

Educational Testing Service II (ETS)

Position: 2021 Summer AI Research Labs Internship Program

Description: The AI Research Labs’ work drives the innovation and development of teaching and learning technologies that are grounded in research and powered by next-generation AI. The Labs are dedicated to working closely with end-users to uncover real-world needs, and co-designing and prototyping solutions to meet those needs. Our staff is made up of research and learning scientists, software developers, research engineers, user experience researchers and designers, instructional designers and producers, and product owners.

Date(s): Application deadline – February 1, 2021; June 1 – August 6, 2021


For more information:

Educational Testing Service III (ETS)

Position: ETS-National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Internships

Description: ETS Research & Development is committed to developing a talent pipeline of diverse researchers and scientists in data science, data analysis, psychometrics, test fairness, validity, measurement and statistics. Students can apply for learning opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate or post-doctoral level through externships, internships, fellowships or post-doctoral appointments. All appointments within the ETS-NAEP Program are based on a business research project model and designed to expose individuals to our mission and culture, the day-to-day operations and value of working in educational testing and assessment, and how the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES)-NAEP and ETS-NAEP collaborate to support a dynamic national educational imperative.

Date(s): Application deadline – February 1, 2021; June 1 – August 6, 2021

Graduate Management Admission Council  

Position: 2021 Internship Program Psychometric Research

Description: GMAC is pleased to offer a paid eight-week internship this year to one advanced graduate student motivated to conduct innovative research with the Test Development and Psychometrics Department. Possible research topics include (but are not limited to) response time modeling, speeded exams, guessing behavior, penalty scoring, automated item generation, differential item functioning, and non-cognitive assessment. 

Date(s): Application deadline – April 30, 2021, decision notification by May 15

For more information:

Human Resources Research Organization

Position: Internship in Educational Measurement

Description: HumRRO’s internships are available to students currently enrolled in a full-time Educational Assessment (or related fields) master’s or Ph.D. accredited program. Our summer internships are paid, full-time opportunities and include paid vacation and a housing stipend. Internship duties and responsibilities vary depending upon the technical content and timeline of the particular projects in need of staffing. Typical tasks include literature review, synthesis, and analysis; data collection, entry, and analysis; survey and other instrument development and administration; and documentation of findings.

HumRRO is looking for responsible, motivated team players with strong technical and communication skills to assist in our contract research activities. HumRRO project directors will provide technical supervision and mentoring to help make the most of the intern’s exposure to, and experience with, our applied research setting.

Date(s): Applications must be received on or before January 15, 2021


For more information: You can find more information and FAQs by visiting:

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy 

Position: Psychometrician Internship

Description: Interns will help define a research question, review related studies, conduct data analyses (real and/or simulated data), and write a summary report suitable for presentation. Current research projects are summarized below. Applicants are encouraged to identify specific projects they prefer to work on and, if desired, to indicate any other research they would like to conduct.

  • Building an anomaly detection system for identifying aberrant testing behavior
  • Investigating novel optimization techniques for automated test assembly
  • Creating a system to identify enemy items using machine learning
  • Formative assessments using Bayesian Networks or Cognitive Diagnostic Models
  • Novel standard setting methods

Date(s): Application materials must be received by February 19, 2021, and the internship will be announced in mid-March 2021


National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Position: 2021 Summer Assessment Research Internship

Description: Assist with research in support of the National Board’s test development processes and psychometric methodologies. All research projects involve manipulating large amounts of data and the ability to carefully verify assumptions and accuracy of data. The research project that the intern will work on will be determined primarily on the interest and experience of the intern. The intern and the National Board’s psychometrician will work together to define the research question; review related research; become familiar with the data; plan and conduct data analyses; and write a report. 

Date(s): Application deadline is April 9, 2021. Applicants will be notified of decisions by May 15, 2021. Position beginning on or around June 14, 2021.


For more information:

National Board of Medical Examiners 

National Board of Medical Examiners Internship

Position: Summers 2021 Internships in Assessment Science and Psychometrics

Description: Interns will interact with other graduate students and NBME staff and will present completed projects or work-in-progress to NBME staff. Internships typically result in conference presentations (e.g., NCME) and sometimes lead to publication or dissertation topics. 

Date(s): Application deadline is January 31, 2021. All applicants will be notified of selection decisions by February 26, 2021. Position durations: June 7 – July 30, 2021

For more information:

National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment

Position: 2021 Summer Internship Program in Educational Assessment and Accountability

Description: The National Center for the Improvement of Educational Assessment, Inc. (the Center) is a small nonprofit organization that occupies a unique and influential niche at the intersection of educational measurement and educational assessment policy. The Center is pleased to offer up to four (4) summer internships for advanced doctoral students in educational measurement and/or assessment/accountability policy who want the opportunity to work with the Center’s professionals on projects with direct implications for state and national educational policy.

Date(s): Applications received by February 14, 2021. Internship to begin in early June 2020.

Contact: Sandi Chaplin,

The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)

Position: Internship

Description: The National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) is offering an eight-week internship for students currently working toward their Ph.D. in psychometrics (or other relevant fields), with at least two years of graduate coursework. During the program, the intern will have the opportunity to gain experience in operational psychometric tasks involved in administering and scoring a certification assessment and to take the lead on a research project, in collaboration with psychometric staff. The research effort will include submission of a proposal to NCME, AERA, or similar conference, and will culminate in a research paper that can be delivered at that conference.

Date(s): Application materials must be mailed or received by February 16, 2021. The internship will be announced by March 2, 2021.

Contact: J. B. Weir, Ph.D.,
Phone: 678-417-8173

SRI International

Psychometric Research Intern/Post-Doc

Description: SRI International (formerly the Stanford Research Institute) is looking for a research intern/post-doc focused on psychometrics and statistical modeling. The intern/post-doc will work with the researchers at SRI and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) on an Institute of Education Sciences (IES) funded project, which uses statistical and machine learning techniques to understand the differences in test-taking processes for learners with and without disabilities. An individual accepted into this position will spend at least 80% of their time conducting statistical analysis in the secure data room for this project in SRI’s Menlo Park office. Depending on interest and funding, the hired individual could work on a variety of other IES, NSF, and private foundation funded projects at SRI. As part of the research team, the intern/post-doc will have the opportunity to receive psychometrics and machine learning training from SRI and UIUC and co-author papers with the PIs.

Date(s): Start as early as July 1, 2021.

Contact: Xin Wei,

For more information: PDF

Graduate Student Fellowships

Fellowships provide structured work experience and professional development that include intensive training and experiential learning. Below is a list of fellowships that provide support to the fellow's growth and opportunities to explore a particular field of measurement.



ATLAS Research Fellowship for Doctoral Students

Position: Research Fellowship for Doctoral Students

Description: Accessible Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Systems (ATLAS) at the University of Kansas seeks proposals from doctoral students to conduct research and evaluation projects during spring 2022 in support of our technology-based learning and assessment systems. Doctoral students from accredited US-based institutions are eligible to apply. Recipients will receive financial support and access to the data needed to complete projects (may not be applicable to all projects; see scope of work below). Projects are to be completed within four months and require a final written report.

Date(s): Applicants must first submit a 500-word project abstract and attached application due by July 30, 2021. Full proposals are due by August 27, 2021 to

Contact: Cynthia A. Perez,

For more information: Click here for full details on requirements, eligibility, timeline and instructions to apply.
Click here for application. 

Duolingo English Test/Digital Harbor Foundation Fellowship 

Position: Duolingo English Test Fellow

Description: The Duolingo English Test and Digital Harbor Foundation are launching a new fellowship program to help train the next generation of assessment researchers. The program will support three (3) fellows during the summer of 2021 (June 16 - August 4). Applications are open to doctoral candidates authorized to work in the US, and intentional efforts will be made to attract diverse candidates from minority-serving institutions. Each fellow will receive a $7,000 stipend from the Digital Harbor Foundation.

Date(s): June 16 - August 4, 2021

For more information: Click here for full details on requirements, eligibility, timeline and instructions to apply.


ETS Harold Gulliksen Psychometric Research Fellowship 

Position: ETS Harold Gulliksen Fellow

Description: The fellowship provides funding for promising graduate students in psychometrics, or a related field, who are conducting innovative, applied research. Selected fellows will carry out their proposed research under the mentorship of their academic advisor and in consultation with their ETS mentors over the course of the funding. The fellowship begins with the selected fellows working on their research as part of the Summer RMS Internship Program, where they will be provided with guidance from ETS’s leading researchers. During the subsequent academic year, fellows study at their universities and carry out research under the supervision of an academic mentor and in consultation with their ETS mentor.

Date(s): January 22, 2021 deadline for application materials; February 5, 2021 preliminary decision; March 5, 2021 deadline for final application materials; March 31, 2021 award recipients are notified.


For more information: