Statement of Editorial Policy

EM:IP (quarterly) publishes articles that illuminate issues in educational measurement and inform the practice of educational measurement. EM:IP is aimed at practitioners and users of tests and includes information about proven practices in testing, news of interest to the educational measurement community, and organizational news of NCME. (NOTE: Not as technical as JEM, EM:IP addresses a broad public that includes NCME members, school personnel [local, intermediate, state, national], other professional educators, legislators, and interested citizens. Its primary purpose is to promote a better understanding of and reasoned debate on timely measurement issues of practical importance to educators and the public. EM:IP is a vehicle for improved communication among NCME members, and between NCME members and others concerned with educational measurement issues and practices).

(NOTE: EM:IP seeks manuscripts that deal with measurement issues of concern to practitioners and academics, applications of measurement techniques in educational settings, and exemplary practices. Examples of manuscripts appropriate for EM:IP include those dealing with specific measurement techniques for various educational objectives or controversial measurement issues; surveys of practices and changes in practices; and public critiques of testing and test use.)