The 2018 EM:IP Cover Graphic/Data Visualization Competition

The Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice (EM:IP) Cover Graphic/Data Visualization Competition is back for its fifth year running. We’ve hoped you enjoyed seeing and reading about the winning submissions in EM:IP issues this year. Your entry could be on the next issue!

Calling all creative and visual thinkers: We on the editorial staff at EM:IP believe that diagrams and data visualizations are powerful tools in making educational measurement issues of practical importance accessible to both educators and the public. We are calling for original graphical submissions that creatively illustrate a fundamental statistical/psychometric concept or aid in analyzing or visualizing educational data. Some possible themes include:
• visual representations of data analytics (e.g., data mining “process” data or other “big data” sources),
• accessible score reporting figures of student achievement and/or progress,
• graphical tools to relay empirical feedback to standard setting panels, or
• your graphical solution to communicating a difficult measurement concept to students or clients!

Winning Entries: The winning submission(s) will be printed on a future cover of an EM:IP issue. Other strong submissions may be published online or saved for future issues. You may re-submit an entry from a previous year’s competition. Submissions are due by 5 PM Pacific Friday, February 2, 2018. We will announce the winner(s) at the 2018 NCME conference during the NCME Breakfast meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who can submit?
    Any NCME members
    Submissions can be created by individuals or groups of individuals
Previous Winners
What to submit?
• List of submitters’ names and affiliations
• Title of graphic/data visualization
• PDF versions of graphic in color. Please note that the graphic cannot have been previously published anywhere else.
• For a sampling of previous submissions, check out the Gallery of Top Submissions for the 2016 Cover Graphic/Data Visualization Competition in the Summer 2016 Issue of EM:IP (Vol 35, Issue 2).
• Short description (300 words max) of graphic. (See previous issues’ editorials for examples.)
• A one-sentence caption of graphic.

How to submit?
Email entries directly to the EM:IP Visuals Editor at

When to submit?
Deadline: 5 PM Pacific Friday, February 2, 2018

Who will review the submissions and select the winner(s)?
The EM:IP Editorial Board

Winners will be selected based on the following criteria:
Originality of graphic,
Visual appeal of graphic,
Extent graphic stands alone and tell its own story,
Extent graphic relates to educational measurement and policy issues and/or provides a novel visual tool to use in practice, and
Extent description is clear and provides thoughtful analysis of the figure.

Any other questions?
Email: Ally Shay Thomas at