Instructional Topics in Educational Measurement Series (ITEMS)

André A. Rupp
(Editor, 2016-2019) 
(609) 252-8545 

If you are interested in publishing a module in this series, please reach out to the editor for a preliminary conversation to discuss content, scope, and fit!

ITEMS modules are developed to support the teaching and learning of educational measurement principles. Target audiences include college faculty and students, workshop leaders and participants, and assessment specialists working in various professional settings.

ITEMS modules are designed to be learner-oriented and include supporting materials such as self-learning assessments, short exercises, code and data sets, and the like. In future years these offerings will be expanded to include supplementary digital materials such as short instructional videos, webinar recordings, and multimedia exercises that expand on the basic offerings in the print modules.  

ITEMS modules are published in Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice and can be downloaded as PDF files on this page (this requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar program for displaying PDF documents). There are currently 44 modules, which are categorized by the following themes (number of current modules in parentheses):

- Assessment Procedures (8)
- Modeling Frameworks (6)
- Polytomous IRT Models (2)
- Dichotomous IRT Models (2)
- CTT Foundations (2)
- Subscores (3)
- Scaling (2)
- Linking and Equating (3)
- Differential Functioning (4)
- Standard-setting (2)
- Classroom Assessment (9)
- Special Topics (1)

Please check this site for future modules and other updates. For more information about the future of ITEMS please read the welcome letter below! 
ITEMS Editor Welcome Letter
(Adobe PDF File)