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NCME committees involve various NCME programs and awards. Program committees coordinate action on a variety of projects and programs such as the annual meeting program and outreach and partnership. Award committees review nominations and select recipients. Committees are chaired by a single member and often co-chaired by another. Committee members typically serve a three-year term. 

All NCME members are encouraged to volunteer for a committee. Volunteering to serve on a committee indicates that a member is interested in serving on a committee but it does not guarantee a spot on a committee. NCME Members may volunteer for multiple committees each year. However, a member may serve on only one committee at a time.

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This committee is responsible for advising the Executive Committee on annual meeting policies and procedures.

Annual Meeting Program Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and organizing the Annual Meeting Program.

Information about the next annual meeting can be found here »


Brian Leventhal, Chair

Archives Committee

This committee is responsible for developing and implementing a policy and plan for the NCME Archive. The primary purpose of the Archive is to hold information for extended periods of time, which is of historical interest and is not needed for daily business. The archives will emphasize electronic materials; physical artifacts and documents will also be maintained. The electronic and physical archives should consist of a storage and access system that will provide reasonable assurance that NCME’s institutional records will be available and retrievable for as long as desired. The committee will develop, maintain, update, and implement the NCME Archive in conjunction with the Website and other committees under Board supervision.

Anne Davidson, EdD, Chair

Budget & Finance Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring NCME budgets, finances, and investments.

Marc Kroopnick, Chair
Chad Buckendahl, Member
Leslie Rutkowski, Member
Sonya Powers, Member
Elena Diaz-Billelo, Member

Diversity Issues and Testing Committee

This committee is responsible for (a) promoting awareness of the challenges, opportunities, and techniques for assessing individuals from a variety of different backgrounds, and (b) encouraging the active involvement of individuals from a variety of backgrounds in the organization.

Raman Grover, Chair
Daniela Cardoza, Student Member
Can Shao, Member
Leanne Ketterlin Geller, Past Chair/member
Michael V. Tappler, Member
Chris Brandt, Member
Cristina Anguiano-Carrasco, Member

Graduate Student Issues Committee

This committee is responsible for ensuring that NCME meets the needs of graduate students and that graduate student issues are foremost in the organization’s strategic planning and initiatives.

Information about Internship Opportunities
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Sergio Araneda Galarce, Co-Chair
Scott Holcomb, Co-Chair
Seyma Nur Yildririm Erbasli, Student Member
Mohammed Abulela, Student Member
Lisette Tolentino, Student Member
open, Student Member
Joseph Rios, Faculty Member
Hongli Li, Faculty Member
Allison Boykin, Faculty Member
Steve Sireci, Faculty Member

Committee on Informing Assessment Policy 

This committee exists to provide education policy makers with access to the expertise within NCME and organizationally on issues involving uses of tests in public policy. A second, but related role of the committee is to increase the visibility of NCME as a resource for policy-makers in educational assessment. This committee develops strategic policy initiatives that address educational measurement and assessment.


Tracey Hembry, Chair
Brian Gong, Member
Karen Mitchell, Member
Laura Hamilton, Member
Richard Phelps, Member
Regina Lewis, Member
Medjy Pierre-Louis, Student

Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring NCME membership and adding value to membership by supporting projects aimed at retaining and recognizing members.

Erika Landl, Chair
Jenn Lewis, Member
Yi-Fang Wu, Member
Jasmine Kara, Member
Open, Member
Open, Member
Open, Student

Mission Fund Committee

Francis O'Donnell, Co-Chair
Ada Woo, Co-Chair
John Willse, Member
Priya Kannan, Member
Anne Traynor, Member
Ren Liu, Member
Ted Daisher, Student Member

Click here to donate to the NCME Mission Fund

More information about this committee

Nominations and Elections Committee

This committee is responsible for preparing a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors and the position of Vice President and overseeing the election of said candidates.


Ye Tong, Chair

Outreach and Partnerships Committee

This committee is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with external groups and organizations to accomplish and enhance the mission of NCME. The current Chair of the committee, Dr. Tracey Hembry, may be contacted here.

Sam Haring, Chair
Anabelle Guerrero, Member
Ed Roeber, Member
Jason Immekus, Member
Vince Verges, Member
Janine Jackson, Student Member
Open, Member

Publications Committee

This committee is responsible for providing oversight for all NCME publications. Activities of this committee include evaluating and improving existing procedures and policies, coordinating searches for new editors, and initiating proposals for new publications.

Michael Peabody, Chair
Susan Davis-Becker, Co-Chair
Okan Bulut, Member
Sarah Alahmadi, Student Member
Qiwei He, Member
NooRee Huh, Member
Jerome Clauser, Member

Social Media Committee

This committee is responsible for developing social media policies and practice, creating and managing a strong NCME messaging and promotion on social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter; auditing social media engagement, and making necessary revisions to the NCME presence to the NCME social media platforms.


Joni Lakin, Chair

Standards and Test Use Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring professional issues concerning the development, validation, and proper use of assessments. In addition, this committee is responsible for overseeing all NCME standards and guidelines (e.g., Code of Professional Conduct), and advising the Board on broader issues of testing as they affect the Standards for Educational & Psychological Testing.

This committee also maintains the policy on NCME's sponsorship, approval, and endorsement of products is to the right.

Finally, the Standards and Test Use committee oversees NCME's initiatives on assessment literacy, including classroom assessment. Click here for a video describing the different forms of classroom assessment, some basics on how to assess in the classroom, and how to use classroom assessment to support student learning and motivation.

Jeff Steedle, Chair
Jim Soland, Member
Kathryn Thompson, Student
Yao Xiong, Member
Feifei Ye, Member
Doris Zahner, Member

Training and Professional Development Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and organizing training sessions for the Annual Meeting, as well as at other times and for other conferences, on an as-needed basis.


Sarah Quesen, Chair
James Roberts, Past Chair 
Kimberly Colvin, Member
Jayashri Srinivasan, Member

Website Committee

The NCME Website Committee is responsible for the development, maintenance, and occasional redesigns of The NCME website is the primary avenue through which NCME communicates with its members. The website disseminates information and news about NCME, its membership, and its activities to NCME members and other interested parties. It also provides professional standards, and access to literature about educational measurement theory and practice, and information about educational measurement as a profession and current employment opportunities in the field. 


Erin Banjanovic, Chair
Ray Reichenberg, Member
Jing Miao, Member
Darin Kelberlau, Member
Nathan Dadey, Member