NCME Book Series

NCME Book Series

Educational Measurement Applications & Assessments

The NCME Educational Measurement and Assessment Book Series highlights key issues in measurement, assessment, and testing. Ideal for scholars, faculty, and graduate students of educational measurement and psychometrics as well as professionals in the testing and assessment field, these books will help to transform our field with cutting-edge research, theory, and applied insights. To supplement the traditional hardback and paperback versions, each eBook has been published with an Open Access license and can be read in full at no cost.

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Published Volumes

    Editorial Board Membership

    Current members

    • Kadriye Ercikan, ETS, Chair (2021 – 2026)
    • Henry Braun, Boston College (2017 –2022)
    • Brian Clauser, National Board of Medical Examiners (2016 –2022)
    • Neil J Dorans, ETS (2018 –2023)
    • Rochelle Michel, Educational Records Bureau (2017 –2022)
    • Fritz Drasgow, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2017 –2022)
    • Melissa Margolis, National Board of Medical Examiners (2021 –2026)
    • Maria Araceli Ruiz-Primo, Stanford Graduate School of Education (2021 –2026)
    • Roy Levy, Arizona State University (2022-2027)

    Call for proposal for future volumes

    The NCME Book Series Editorial Board is soliciting ideas for additional edited volumes from the NCME membership.

    The field of measurement is going through a disruption fueled by our societal context and technological advances. The current societal context – the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on education and the society, heightened importance of equity and fairness- combined with the opportunities and challenges brought about by digital assessments require rethinking of the role of assessment and measurement. This includes how we design and develop assessments, what constitutes evidence in measurement models, and how we interpret and use assessment results. The NCME Educational Measurement and Assessment Book Series is intended to highlight key issues in measurement, help the field serve education in effective ways and is an important way that can help transform our field. The Book Series is looking for Editors to lead books on some of the following or related topics:

    • Opportunities and challenges for assessment and measurement to help address disparities in educational outcomes
    • Issues in digital assessments: interactivity, adaptivity, digital literacy, scaffolding
    • At home testing
    • Use of response processes in measurement models
    • Integration of artificial intelligence in scoring of responses, item generation and other uses in assessment
    • Comparability: Across modes of administration, task types, AI based scores and others, etc.
    • Design and use of culturally responsive assessments
    • Trade-offs of test-optional and other admissions criteria

    Questions? Recommendations?

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    Please address questions and book ideas to NCME Book Series Editor Kadriye Ercikan (

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