Standards & Test Use

Standards & Test Use Committee

The Standards and Test Use Committee is responsible for monitoring professional issues concerning the development, validation, and proper use of assessments. In addition, this committee is responsible for overseeing all NCME standards and guidelines (e.g., The Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement) and advising the Board on broader issues of testing as they affect the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The committee performs and solicits reviews of existing standards and guidelines that govern the application of the Standards in particular contexts to ensure that those standards and guidelines remain current with the Standards and with professional practice. The committee also makes recommendations to the Board regarding the need for and development of new standards and guidelines addressing testing or test use.


Jeffrey Steedle, Co-Chair
Doris Zahner, Co-Chair
Qi Qin, Member
Jim Soland, Member
Kathryn Thompson, Member
Catherine Welch, Member
Alexis Oakley, Student Member