Artificial Intelligence in Measurement & Education

Artificial Intelligence in Measurement and Education

The Artificial Intelligence in Measurement and Education (AIME) SIGIMIE is a community of data scientists and psychometricians interested in the application of AI to measurement and education. Applications include automated scoring, item evaluation, validity studies, formative feedback, and generative AI for automated item generation. This SIGIMIE seeks to discuss current practices in using AI, approaches to evaluate their precision/accuracy, fairness/bias analysis & mitigation measures, interpretability, and implications for evaluating education outcomes. A critical responsibility is to ensure there are guidelines around the fair, accountable, transparent, and ethical principles for applying AI in measurement.

We have a speaker series that meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm EST (1:00 pm PST).

Please contact anyone on the leadership team for the zoom link:

SIGIMIE Leadership:

Co-Chair: Christopher Ormerod

Co-Chair: John Whitmer

Secretary: Maggie Beiting-Parrish