Informing Assessment Policy Webinars

NCME "Informing Assessment Policy" Winter Webinars

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January 19, 2023
Media Coverage of Educational Testing


  • Catherine Gewertz, Center for Assessment
  • Tim Schwab, Freelance Journalist
  • A.P. Dillon, North State Journal
  • Richard Phelps, Nonpartisan Education Group

  • Kyndra Middleton, Howard University

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A panel of veteran journalists and media researchers will discuss: How does education journalism these days really operate? How closely does it match its own standards and ideals? What advice can we give to those working in educational testing for working successfully with the press?

February 2, 2023
Balancing the Needs of Informing Instruction, Equity, and Accountability During the Transition to Through-year Assessment


  • Trudy Clark, Nebraska Department of Education
  • Tammy Howard, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
  • Scott Marion, Center for Assessment
  • Vince Verges, Florida Department of Education
  • Shelley Loving-Ryder, Virginia Department of Education

Regina Lewis, Maine Department of Education

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A panel discussion focused on the progress of several states’ transition to through-year assessment, the usefulness of the resultant data for informing its diverse demands. This session will provide the opportunity to hear from those in the midst of transition to a model attempting to reconcile the diverse set of challenges and demands of state assessment.

February 16, 2023
Assessment Policy Update


  • TBD


  • Elda Garcia, National Association of Testing Professionals

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National policy experts will provide attendees with key updates and insights on federal assessment policy, state implications, and recommendations for advancing key topics. They will leave attendees with critical policy topics and issues specific to the assessment and accountability of historically marginalized students, considerations, challenges, and implications for state departments, researchers, and local leaders, as we all work to advocate for sensible policies.