Large-Scale Assessments

Large-Scale Assessments

The Large-scale assessment methodology SIGIMIE members recognize that educational decisions are based frequently on test/survey results and that quantitative evidence is prioritized for decision-making at many levels of governance. At the global level, these assessments are used by international organizations to monitor, compare and hold systems accountable. At the national and state level, they are used for a range of purposes, including evaluating schools, teachers, and students. Our group is interested in understanding the challenges and opportunities that grow from the context where standardized assessments and surveys play a central role in how educational systems are defined and ultimately judged.

For 2023-24, we will meet monthly on the second Wednesday, at 8:00 am PST (9:00 MST, 10:00 CST, 11:00 EST). Our first meeting is on July 12th.

Please reach out to one of our chairs for the zoom link:

SIGIMIE Leadership:

Co-Chair: Shenghai Dai
Co-Chair: Elda Garcia