Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Student Membership

One of NCME’s explicit goals is to “promote awareness of measurement in education as a field of study and work, to encourage entry into the field and interdisciplinary collaboration.” To that end, the NCME website provides several resources that will be helpful to both beginning and advanced graduate students, or if you have just begun graduate study or are ready to begin searching for your first professional position.

Stay connected with other graduate students (and recent graduates) on Facebook. Find students with similar interests to collaborate with, ask for advice on applying to internships, or just keep up to date with the latest news for NCME graduate students.

Receive Three Quarterly Publications

The Journal of Educational Measurement (JEM) publishes articles on technical and theoretical developments in measurement and improvements in the application of measurement methods in educational and other community settings.

Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice (EM:IP), aimed at practitioners and users of tests, publishes articles intended to promote a better understanding of educational measurement and to encourage reasoned debate on current issues of practical importance to educators and the public.

The NCME Newsletter contains announcements and news about current events pertinent to research and practice in educational measurement and also provides NCME members with information about the activities of the NCME Board and committees. 

Teach Yourself the Latest Measurement Skills

NCME prepares the Instructional Topics in Educational Measurement Series (ITEMS) for educational measurement teachers, program designers and evaluators, and classroom teachers. These materials include references for additional reading and are published regularly in Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice. These materials are good resources for student members to gain the needed expertise and knowledge around various measurement topics and instructional materials that individuals can use in their future teaching.

Join a Committee and Gain Valuable Service Experience

NCME has an extensive committee structure that reflects the interests and activities of Membership and allows for greater visibility and networking opportunities. Check out committees with graduate students openings or contact one of the members of the Graduate Student Issues Committee to learn more.

Present Your Research and Network at the NCME Annual Meeting

NCME meets annually, which offers members opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills as well as to share their expertise in a convivial atmosphere. Training programs on specific topics, such as classroom testing, are offered during the annual meetings and provide practical information for application in both work and research settings. Graduate students are encouraged to present their work in a Graduate Student Poster Session, meet new colleagues at receptions and the annual NCME Breakfast, apply for internships and jobs through the Career Center, and definitely attend the training sessions sponsored by Graduate Student Issues Committee. The training sessions address topics of special interest to graduate students (e.g., completing the dissertation, finding a job, getting published) and on broader topics on practical information for application in both work and research settings (e.g., classroom testing, cutting-edge software).

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Membership FAQs

How do I become a student member?

Is membership restricted to full-time students only? Are there any criteria for eligibility for student membership?

  • No. As long as you are currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program as a student, either full-time or part-time, you are eligible to be a student member.

How much does student membership cost?

  • NCME membership for graduate students in their first year of study is free. After that, the cost is $25 annually