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Special Interest Groups in Measurement in Education (SIGIMIEs) provide an important forum for NCME members with common interests to join together, network, and make contributions to NCME membership and to the NCME mission and goals.

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This committee is responsible for monitoring NCME budgets, finances, and investments.

Rosemary Reshetar, Chair
Marc Kroopnick, Vice Chair
Chad Buckendahl, Member
Leslie Rutkowski, Member
Molly Faulkner-Bond, Member

This committee is responsible for ensuring that NCME meets the needs of graduate students and that graduate student issues are foremost in the organization’s strategic planning and initiatives.

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Maura O'Riordan, Chair

Big Data in Educational Measurement

The Big Data in Educational Measurement SIGIMIE aims to: a) establish an interactive community of researchers and practitioners around big data, b) encourage multidisciplinary research to advance big data research, and c) disseminate critical information to improve communication between interested parties. The Big Data SIGIMIE focuses our efforts on planning practical activities (e.g., 2021 NCME Organized Discussion Session, Webinars) to promote engagement and disseminate information to members and others who are interested

SIGIMIE Leadership:
Co-Chair: Ruhan Circi
Co-Chair: Juanita Hicks

Certification and Licensure

Certification and licensure is an important application of educational measurement used to protect the public by holding professionals to minimum standards within their respective fields. The assessments used in certification and licensure have some of the highest stakes in the measurement community, and both leverage and are influenced by NCME’s output. The purpose of this NCME SIGIMIE is to a) create space at the NCME conference for certification and licensure organizations to share their current work and identify common concerns, and b) provide a clear connection point for experts throughout NCME membership to understand current research opportunities in the space. 

SIGIMIE Leadership:
Chair: Andrew Jones
Program Chair: Jonathan Rubright
Communications Chair: Mike Peabody
Secretary: Pooja Shivraj

Contemporary Issues in Scaling, Linking & Equating

The Contemporary Issues in Scaling, Linking & Equating (SLE) SIGIMIE strives to provide a home for professionals and students to promote, recognize and collaborate on evolving measurement issues related to scaling, linking and equating. We encourage scholarly development by connecting professionals from diverse backgrounds to discuss and take action on contemporary issues related to SLE. Some of our past and in-progress initiatives include webinars featuring SLE scholars, virtual research symposiums, and a website with information related to recent SLE-related publications and professional development opportunities. We hope you will join us! 

SIGIMIE Leadership:

Co-Chair: Stella Kim
Co-Chair: Jaime Malatesta

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Diagnostic Measurement

Diagnostic measurement is a well-established subfield of educational and psychological measurement that focuses on the development, modeling, and interpretation of diagnostic assessments. Since the publication of Diagnostic Measurement: Theory, Methods, and Applications (Rupp, Templin, & Henson, 2010), there has been a wave of research centered around the development and application of diagnostic measurement methodologies. The Diagnostic Measurement SIGMIE was established to connect diagnostic measurement practitioners and researchers around common goals of 1) increasing awareness, accessibility, and professional development opportunities in diagnostic measurement; 2) advancing diagnostic measurement methodology; and 3) creating an interdisciplinary and collaborative community of applied and methodological researchers.

SIGIMIE Leadership:

Chairs: Yu Bao, Matthew Madison, Qianqian Pan

Frances O'Donnell, Vice Chair
Michelle Boyer, Chair
John Willse, Member
Priya Kannan, Member
Anne Traynor, Member
Ada Woo, Member
Ted Daisher, Student Member

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Educators of Measurement

A significant percentage of NCME membership reside as educators of educational measurement, psychological measurement, or related domains. In addition to performing research, these professionals are responsible for training future educational measurement professionals. Through recruiting students, teaching courses, and advising students, educators must develop the future professionals who will shape the field. In addition, internship mentors have a similar task of transforming future educational measurement professionals from students into practicing professionals. This SIGIMIE emphasizes scholarship and discussion of issues that these professionals currently face. The SIGIMIE focuses on: (1) Recruitment, (2) Teaching and Learning, and (3) Advising and Mentorship.

SIGIMIE Leadership:

Chair: Brian C Leventhal

Chair-Elect: Allison Ames Boykin

Co-Chair: Joseph Rios

Co-Chair: Anne Corinne Huggins-Manley

This committee is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with external groups and organizations to accomplish and enhance the mission of NCME. The current Chair of the committee, Dr. Tracey Hembry, may be contacted here.

Sam Haring, Chair
Anabelle Guerrero, Member
Ed Roeber, Member
Jason Immekus, Member

Large-Scale Assessments

The Large-scale assessment methodology SIGIMIE members recognize that educational decisions are based frequently on test/survey results and that quantitative evidence is prioritized for decision-making at many levels of governance. At the global level, these assessments are used by international organizations to monitor, compare and hold systems accountable. At the national and state level, they are used for a range of purposes, including evaluating schools, teachers, and students. Our group is interested in understanding the challenges and opportunities that grow from the context where standardized assessments and surveys play a central role in how educational systems are defined and ultimately judged.

SIGIMIE Leadership:

Co-Chair: Dubravka Svetina Valdivia
Co-Chair: Leslie Rutkowski

This committee is responsible for planning and organizing training sessions for the Annual Meeting, as well as at other times and for other conferences, on an as-needed basis.


Sarah Quesen, Chair
James Roberts, Past Chair 
Kimberly Colvin, Member
Jayashri Srinivasan, Member

This committee is responsible for monitoring professional issues concerning the development, validation, and proper use of assessments. In addition, this committee is responsible for overseeing all NCME standards and guidelines (e.g., Code of Professional Conduct), and advising the Board on broader issues of testing as they affect the Standards for Educational & Psychological Testing.

This committee also maintains the policy on NCME's sponsorship, approval, and endorsement of products is to the right.

Finally, the Standards and Test Use committee oversees NCME's initiatives on assessment literacy, including classroom assessment. Click here for a video describing the different forms of classroom assessment, some basics on how to assess in the classroom, and how to use classroom assessment to support student learning and motivation.

Melinda Taylor, Chair
Peter Agacaian, Member
Kathryn Thompson, Student
Yao Xiong, Member
Feifei Ye, Member
Jeff Steedle, Member

State and Local Assessment Leaders

This SIGIMIE is designed for state and local assessment leaders from around the country. It’s built around the concept of building a community of practitioners are “doing assessment” on a daily basis in state education agencies as well as large school districts. This community spends time discussing current affairs in educational assessment and working together to support each other in navigating the ever changing world of student assessment. Individuals that may be independent contractors or work for an assessment vendor are welcome to join, but may be excused for certain conversations

SIGIMIE Leadership:

Chair: Andrew Middlestead