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The ITEMS portal is your entry point into a world of learning in educational measurement and assessment. ITEMS modules are are short self-contained lessons with various supporting resources that facilitate self-guided learning, team-based discussions, as well as professional instruction. In addition, you can explore a network of other professional organizations, stay up-to-date via news feeds, and contribute to the success of the portal. Enjoy your learning experience!

Current Editor: Brian C. Leventhal

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Educational Measurement Videos

Video 1: Educational Measurement

Short animated video overview of the field of educational measurement in a nontechnical and fun way. [7 Minutes]

Video 2: Reliability, Validity, and Fairness

Short animated video explaining reliability, validity, and fairness in a nontechnical and fun way. [7 Minutes]

Video 3: Standardized Test Development

Short animated video describing the lifecycle of standardized test development in a nontechnical and fun way. [10 Minutes]

Video 4: Standardized Test Scoring

Short animated video explaining how standardized tests are scored in a nontechnical and fun way. [5 Minutes]

Video 5: Classroom Assessment

Short video describing the role of classroom assessment in a nontechnical way. [7 Minutes]