NCME Mission


To advance the science and practice of measurement in education ​


To be the recognized authority in measurement in education


I.     Encourage scholarly development in educational measurement
       a.     Improve measurement instruments and procedures for their administration, scoring, interpretation, and use
       b.     Improve applications of measurement in assessment of individuals, groups, and evaluation of educational programs

II.    Disseminate knowledge about educational measurement, including
       a.     Theory, techniques, and instrumentation for the measurement f educationally relevant human, 

               and institutional social characteristics
       b.     Procedures appropriate to the interpretation and use of such techniques and instruments
       c.     Applications of educational measurement with individuals and groups

III.     Increase NCME's influence within the educational measurement community to ensure sound and ethical measurement practices

IV.     Influence public policy and practice concerning educational measurement

V.      Promote awareness of measurement in education as a field of study and work to encourage entry into the field and

          interdisciplinary collaboration

VI.     Provide members with a strong professional identity and intellectual home in educational measurement and enhance the value

         of membership in NCME

VII.    Increase the operating and financial capacity of the association to enhance its effectiveness and its national recognition

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