The library provides a convenient location for finding NCME approved resources on a variety of topics. Some documents in the library have previously appeared in NCME journals (e.g., the ITEMS modules). Use the direct links below to access rich bibliographies and browse a variety of standards. If you are searching for a particular topic, go to the "Resource Search" section and select a key word in the search box. Search results will appear at the bottom of the page.

Fundamentals of Classroom Assessment (video)

Instructional Topics in Educational Measurement (ITEMS)

Assessment Development Bibliography (2010)
     Ian Hembry and Anthony Fina for NCME

Score Reporting Bibliography (2009)
     Nina Deng and Hanwook Yoo for NCME

Code of FAIR Testing Practices in Education (1988/Revised 1999)
     Joint Committee on Testing Practices

Code of Professional Responsibilities (1995)
     NCME Ad Hoc Committee on the Development of a Code of Ethics

  NCME Timeline
    NCME 75th Anniversary Committee

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