EM:IP Cover Showcase

EM:IP Cover Showcase

In 2014, Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice (EM:IP) held its inaugural Cover Graphic/Data Visualization Competition. The editorial board selected four winning submissions that are each being featured on a cover of a 2014 or 2015 EM:IP issue. These winning submissions are showcased on this page. For longer descriptions and editorials of these cover graphics by EM:IP Visuals Editor Ally Shay Thomas, Ph.D., check out the EM:IP website.

Fall 2015

Fall 2015 EM:IP Cover

Title: A Footnote to Anscombe's Quartet
Designer: Nedim Yel, Ph.D. Student, Arizona State University
Caption: This graphic illustrates that inclusion of the beeswarm in the box plots allows for more refined visualization and better judgment about the distribution of the data.

Fall 2014

Summer 2014 EM:IP Cover

Title: Score and Scale Screen
Designer: Michael Chajewski, Psychometric Researcher, The College Board
Caption: The Score and Scale Screen allows for a quick investigation of both the raw score distribution as well as the relationship to the equated scaled scores.

Spring 2015

EM:IP Spring 2015 Cover

Title: The Next Wave in Scaling Assessments
Designer: William P. Skorupski, Associate Professor, University of Kansas
Caption: This figure is a graphic depiction of an item characteristic function for the Multidimensional Generalized Partial Credit Model.

Fall 2014

Fall 2014 EM:IP Cover

Title: The Steelyard Graph
Designers: José-Luis Gaviria & Coral González-Barbera, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Caption: The Steelyard Graph makes use of steelyard balances to avoid the interpretation problems that arise when Simpson’s paradox occurs.