About the Task Force

As part of President Mark Wilson’s leadership in 2016, NCME established a task force focused on classroom assessment, led by Kristen Huff (Curriculum Associates) and Dale Whittington (Shaker Heights City School District). Check out the Quick Links to learn more about the Classroom Assessment Task Force.

Activities of the Task Force

  • The Task Force has instituted a Classroom Assessment conference every other year. The next conference will be in October in 2021. For more details see the Quick Links for the NCME Classroom Assessment Conferences.
  • The FACT webpage provides teachers with formative assessment practices that can be plugged into any curriculum and instruction.
  • The Task Force supported the 2019 Journal of Educational Measurement special issue on classroom assessment, volume 56, issue 4, which published selected papers from the first NCME Classroom Assessment conference.
  • The Task Force supported the 2020 publication of the edited volume “Classroom Assessment and Educational Measurement,” edited by Susan Brookhart and James McMillan.
  • While not a Task Force activity directly, we are pleased to see several of the new ITEMS digital modules focus on classroom assessment: