Teaching Resource: Anatomy of Measurement

By Megan Welsh posted 07-30-2020 22:33


RLiu.jpgRen Liu, University of California, Merced

Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to share with you a novel project called “Anatomy of Measurement”. This project, supported by the NCME Mission Fund, is a series of four YouTube videos that explain some fundamentals of educational measurement. On this project, I have been fortunate to have three amazing senior experts and leaders in the field of measurement on the advisory board: Dr. Anne Corinne Huggins-Manley, Dr. Ada Woo, and Dr. André A. Rupp. Their incredible love, support, and guidance have made this project a success.


Anatomy of Measurement consists of four videos:

1) What is Educational Measurement (7 mins);

2) Reliability, Validity and Fairness in Educational Measurement (7 mins);

3) How are Standardized Tests Developed (10 mins); and

4) How are Standardized Tests Scored (5 mins).


You can find these videos in the ITEMS Portal, or by directly searching keywords on YouTube or following this link. 


This video series is designed to promote measurement literacy and the transparency of the measurement industry with teachers, parents, high school students, students taking professional or licensure tests, policy makers and other members of the public.


In each video, we introduce measurement knowledge in real-life scenarios through 2D animation. We intend to use these videos to introduce core measurement topics to audience with little or no exposure to such topics in a nontechnical and fun way. We hope you enjoy the videos and please feel free to share them to anyone who is curious about educational measurement. Promoting measurement knowledge has always been our passion and we are striving for this goal through our entire career.