New NCME Resource: Formative Assessment for Classroom Teachers

By Megan Welsh posted 09-29-2020 14:00


Sue Brookhart, Brookhart Enterprises, and Heidi Andrade, University at Albany

The NCME Classroom Assessment Task Force announces the launch of a new NCME resource: Formative Assessment for Classroom Teachers (FACT). The FACT resources support formative assessment practices that provide teachers and students with information about learning as it develops—not just at the end of a project, unit, or year. The beta version is available at We encourage you to take a look and share the link widely. One does not have to be a member of NCME to use the resources. The resources are organized into four categories: diagnostic assessment, self-assessment, peer feedback, and feedback breaks. We anticipate that as the resources grow, they will also be organized by grade level and subject area.

FACT grew out of the task force’s concern that some teachers needed additional resources for formative assessment that could be incorporated into remote learning. Many of the resources in FACT are downloadable files (e.g., a PowerPoint slide). FACT is a curated collection of resources, which differentiates it from some other sites. Heidi Andrade and Sue Brookhart are the current editors. We solicit contributions from NCME members, their contacts, and other educators. If you would like to submit a resource or provide feedback to the editors, please contact Soon a “contributions” button will be added to the website, as well.