NCME Fitness Walk/Run Corner (Fall 2020)

By Megan Welsh posted 12-11-2020 19:19


Katherine Furgol Castellano, Jill R. van den Heuvel, and Brian French for the NCME Fitness Walk/Run

We missed connecting with everyone at the NCME walk/run event this year. We take you on a memory stroll with our collage from 2010 to 2019. We have vivid memories of our events from the cool morning air of the Denver route, to the crowded streets of the Philly course, to the few of us, including a baby, who braved the driving cold rain in New York. We treasure those early mornings of laughter, community conversations, and connecting with friends. We hope you are well and healthy. We look forward to our next walk/run together. Be and move well.