Committee Mission and Objectives

Classroom Assessment Committee Mission & Objectives

Original Task Force Charter (12/29/2016):


The NCME board supported President Mark Wilson’s initiative to create a Task Force to support and facilitate the integration of classroom assessment into the NCME consciousness and scholarship.


NCME membership and scholarship (conference presentations, training workshops, journals) will reflect a balance of research and theory on the full range of uses of educational assessment. NCME seeks to influence classroom assessment practices through the appropriate application of measurement principles and insights and for these principles and insights to be influenced by classroom practitioners.

NCME membership will be a resource for best practices in the full range of educational assessment, broadening from the historical focus on large-scale, summative assessment.

NCME will make recommendations for how educational assessment ought to be addressed in pre-service educator programs and how measurement professionals are trained in educational assessment.

The charge to the Task Force is to identify goals and objectives that begin to move NCME in the direction of this vision.


  1. To generate more focus on classroom assessment, given its importance in teaching and learning.
  2. Develop and publish clear and useful definitions, models, and examples of coherent assessment systems of classroom and large-scale summative assessment working together to benefit teaching and learning in the classroom.
  3. Develop a five-year plan for sustainability and get commitment from NCME Board for the plan.