SIGIMIE Section Fall 2020

By Megan Welsh posted 12-14-2020 00:06


 SIGIMIE Section

 We have added a new section of the newsletter to introduce the membership to the work of different   SIGIMIES. In this issue, the State and Local Assessment Leaders and Contemporary Issues in Scaling, 
 Linking and Equating SIGIMIES share their work.

An Update from the State and Local Assessment Leaders SIGIMIE
Andrew Middlestead, Michigan Department of Education

Our SIGMIE has been able to have several meetings virtually in 2020.  While we were saddened to not be able to follow through with our plans to meet together at an in-person conference last April we have appreciated “seeing” each other a couple times over the summer. With the beginning of another (different) school year we are eager to set up some more virtual collaboration. An area we hope to focus on is supporting each other through an unknown period of accountability-based summative assessments states are (so far at least) still required to administer this coming spring.

An Update from the Contemporary Issues in Scaling, Linking and Equating SIGIMIE
Jaimie Malatesta, University of Iowa, and Stella Kim, UNC Charlotte

The SLE SIGIMIE focuses on evolving measurement issues related scaling, linking and equating. We encourage scholarly development by connecting professionals from diverse backgrounds to discuss and take action on measurement issues associated with scaling, linking, and equating.

This past August, the SLE SIGIMIE hosted their first official event with a webinar featuring Dr. Michael Kolen’s talk on the history of test equating methods and practices through 1985. This was the first of several planned online webinars to be hosted by the SLE SIGIMIE. Also underway are the following initiatives, which you can read about here.